Chain of Time

Chain mail/steampunk fusion earrings
Approx 110mm total length

Brass clock and pocket watch parts, copper rivers, stainless steel mail rings with surgical steel earring hooks.

Whilst waiting anxious for news about my sister and her home, both under threat from the raging bush fires at Mallacoota, I needed to distract myself and decided to make something that embodied strength and resilience. I finished these today. My sister and her house came through the firestorm relatively unscathed, but many of her friends lost houses, cars and more. Mallacoota is a tight knit community. They will support each other and rebuild together.

If somebody buys these earrings, I will donate the full amount received to one of the funds that I’m sure will be set up to help Mallacoota recover. To this end, the person who makes best offer received from 1st – 7th January 2020 will be the owner of this one off creation!

Please comment with your offer on the below Facebook post , should you be interested.