Port Fairy Folk Festival​ 2019

I\’ve been dying to post these creations! I was honored to be commissioned to create the awards for Port Fairy Folk Festival​ 2019 Artist of the Year and Emerging Artist of the Year. The Awards were presented to Kasey Chambers and Fenn Wilson​ respectively.

Both are made from driftwood, vintage pocket watch, wristwatch and clock parts, recycled copper wire, sea glass and more.

My inspiration for the Artist of the Year Award, was to portray something well established and linked to Port Fairy, therefore the iconic lighthouse was a no-brainer. The lighthouse is made from a balance cock from a pocket watch, the part that maintains the correct timekeeping – not unlike a metronome to draw a musical parallel. The beacon contains musical notes, reaching out to the audience. A Shear-water or Mutton bird is returning to it\’s nest, signifying a returning audience. in the foreground is oxidized glass, opal and sea glass, depicting foliage, the path to the lighthouse and the sea.

The Emerging Artist Award has a shaped antique clock cog, shaped to form a guitar, rising like the sun (emerging) from the ocean at dawn. The bridge is part of an old wristwatch and the strings are recycled copper wire. The blue ocean is sea glass found on one of our Surf Coast beaches.

I really enjoyed making these pieces and I hope the artists find them pleasing!