Anna Timey

Vintage pocket watch, wristwatch and clock parts, mounted on a presentation stand made from wood, card, leather, copper, brass, gold leaf and an antique key.

“Anna Timey” was commissioned by a lovely lady as a gift for her daughter who is studying anatomy as part of her medical degree. (So the title of the piece is a Dad joke pun).

Whilst the piece can be worn as jewellery, I remember my poor efforts at study in high school, and how lonely I felt trying to cram knowledge into my thick skull. Therefore, I’ve made the stand to resemble an anatomy text book, with the bar from which the key hangs made from twisted copper wire (representing the circulatory system) and brass rod (to represent the nervous system).

Anna can hang from her stand and “watch” over the recipient as she studies, observing through her watch jewel eyes.

The case is an antique sterling silver piece, hall marked in Birmingham and appears to date back to the late 1700s.

I’ve lined the inner compartment with padded velvet, enabling a small treasure to be stored therein.